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To Whom It May Concern-

The 130 brave men and women of the Santa Rosa Fire Fighters that proudly serve the citizens of the greater Santa Rosa and Roseland area are stakeholders in the Santa Rosa Community. Along with the other members and stakeholders of our community we are deeply troubled by the state of the beautiful city in which we live and serve. With one of the most important local elections in long memory upon us, our membership set out on a mission to find the local civic leaders who will help turn the tide of declining revenues and service levels to everyone in our city.

Our membership strongly believes that the key to restoring key essential services, returning economic stability for our city, it’s citizens and businesses, and restoring the full luster to our treasured home is a strong plan for economic development, job creation and fostering an environment of stakeholder involvement across all issues and groups.

Our city is at a critical crossroads and every voter must ask themselves one question, “Do I feel that the current course of our city is one that will allow all of its citizens to flourish and have access to the programs and services that are expected of local government.” Our membership has answered that question with a very concerned “no.”

We are proud and excited to announce that we feel that there is a group of new leaders who can change the course, lead us to a place where our city can begin to stabilize, recover and return to a thriving community where business can thrive, workers can succeed, the environment is protected, and where we can all feel safe.

This new group of leaders is Santa Rosa City Council Candidates Scott Bartley, Jake Ours, and Juan Hernandez. Their firm and public commitment to; ensuring the doors to Santa Rosa are open to business, creating new and strengthening existing relationships with community leaders and to leading us back to being a vibrant community make them the natural choice for Santa Rosa City Council on November 2nd.

Jack W. Thomas

Jack Thomas, President Santa Rosa Firefighters Local-1401

P.O. Box 1251 Santa Rosa CA 95402

Cell (707) 479-9409



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